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27 March 2013

Another Kickstarter done.

   The Empire of the Dead: Requiem Kickstarter has funded. Here is what I expect to be receiving (also a PDF of the rules, but I couldn't find an image):

The Gentlemen are Hunting.

One of the boxed sets I am getting as an extra add-on.
Werewolves of London.
Warren Zevon, eat your heart out!

Actually, not one of my favorites. But I'll take it!

I like Iron Head Ned and Jade Dragon. The rest, meh.

Ordering the weapon sprue as an extra.

I LOVE this figure.

Of these, certainly the Tesla Projector and the Clockwork Butler.
Possibly HM with Gun and John Brown.

Of these, certainly Lightning Jack.
  I actually have some points left over (8, I think). I am leaning towards the additional Gentlemen set and some of the maybe individual figures. Total about 54 minis, plus rules, and a set of tokens (not pictured). All of this for just shy of $200, including shipping from the UK. Not a bad deal, I think. I also love the Brotherhood faction minis, and will be getting them at some point in the future - maybe Historicon.

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