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17 January 2013

Some tidbits from the Interconnected Differencing Engine Network

From Troublemaker Games, a company which I have noticed before, but which has expanded their offerings:

German Steamjet Infantry

Originally scaled as 10mm, I think these could be used for impressive automatons at the least for a 6mm game. Just paint in a metallic scheme, and I think it would work well.

German Foundation Set

This set includes three pieces, it seems. One is a beautiful piece for terrain. One is an armoured vehicle, and one is a piece of high-tech gimcrackery. A British version is also available, as is a Martian one.

German Armoured Infantry

The last piece of German hardware I shall mention here today, it reminds me something of the Bioshock videogame franchise. Still, pretty cool looking figures.

British Heavy Cruiser

This is a nice looking piece of kit. Very VSF feel, especially with the giant raygun - excuse me, an "Unfathomable Energy Projector" - on the aft turret. Note that this is a land vessel. It is resin, and 16 cm in length (about 6 inches).
Finally, the Martian Flying Machine.

I really like this guy. Classic saucer shape, big honking gun, and what looks like a pair of smoke stacks coming up from the rear. At 8.00 GBP, it isn't the cheapest thing out there, but still, it looks good. Also a resin cast, it comes with a clear flight stand.

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