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04 January 2013

New Machines

   For the first time in months, progress has been made in the mechanickal works. Pursuit of further education has certainly slowed progress to a glacial pace.

   Our first offering is the Iron Mole. The product of Otto Maton's fevered imagination and advanced mechanicks, the Iron Mole can bore through the hardest stone in mere moments.

The Iron Mole

   Next up is one of a pair (both are completed, with slight variations) of self-propelled field pieces. These can be used in any of the three scales I play in (6mm, 15mm, and 25mm). I purchased them painted over a year ago, in a greenish-black scheme. I touched up the paint, added the brass touches and finished the bases up. I left the two in their neutral paint scheme so that they can be included in any VSF force, however, the bases are not really suitable for a Mars-based game. I need a name for these, too. They were originally designed for the Warmachine game, but I don't want to use their designations. Maybe call them 'Cataphract-class Self-propelled Gyro-stabilised Field Artillery'? Any other suggestions?


   So, there you have it. The first content post of 2013. School begins again in a week, so don't expect this to continue too much, but I will try my best to create more this semester.

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Colonel O'Truth said...

Very Cool! Love it! Keep them coming, Sir!