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25 January 2013

Ironclad Characters

  I have mentioned Ironclad Miniatures before now, I am certain, because I really like their range of 28mm vehicles for Victorian Science Fiction. In addition to some very nice resin vehicles (I own two, and want more), they also make a line of 28mm figures. I dropped by their online store this evening and found these offerings, and a few others that didn't catch my eye quite so well, that have been added since the last time I checked in.
  The first is named "Phileas." Phileas has apparently met with an unfortunate mishap, depriving him of the use of his natural arms. British engineering - the marvel of the worlds! - to the rescue! He now has two steam-powered mechanical arms. Appears to have a bit of a temper, as well, from the grimace on his face.

The micro-steam engine.
   The second figure of interest is a lovely lady named "Constance." A woman of unimpeachable virtue, she is prepared to defend said virtue with the aid of her Galvanic Emission Pistol. Sized just right for a lady's handbag.

   Third and last for now, this fellow goes by the nom de guerre of "Tobias." Obviously an agent of some governmental agency, one only hopes that his loyalty is held by Her Majesty (God Bless Her!), rather than some nasty, sneaking foreign king, like the Tsar or Kaiser. Or, Heaven preserve us, the French! His sidearm seems to operate on some Fluidic Phlogiston or Essential Alkali.

   All three can be found here.


DeanM said...

Beautifully painted figures - love the lady's colors. Best, Dean

J Womack, Esq. said...

I wish I could take the credit for it. These photos are from Ironclad's website.