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20 January 2013

For a Few Minis More

  This time, 25/28mm miniatures, all to be found on the Brigade Games site. First up are from Parroom Station's Bob Charrette, an old favorite sculptor of mine. Not that he belongs to me. Nor that he is all that old. Well, maybe getting a few years on him, but any rate you get what I mean and I don't want him to get mad at me when he finds out I said all this about him since we have played quite a few games together at Historicons and... ahem. Anyway. His minis are on my shelves and on my tables. Actually, I have some on my painting table right now, waiting to be turned into Prussian Line infantry. However, this is part of a new line called Secret Science. Check them out here. They have been available for a little while, but my blogging has been less than punctual lately.

Dr. Moreau - Love the power glove!

New Masked Minions, with alternate heads and flamethrowers!

Lady Winston - perfect for a British female character

   Next up, and also available from Brigade Games, are some lovelies from a new (to me, at any rate) "Steampunk" line. I don't know the sculptor off hand, but these are nice and imaginative sculpts. I think the troops with breathing apparatus might make it into my collection as 'Aethermarines', since you can't breath the luminiferous aether. However, in my VSF universe, you can breathe the air of Mars and Venus just fine. Useful for Moon-based battles, as well. On to the photos and descriptions.

One of the Russian character pack models. I like her a lot. 
I am looking forward to seeing if they release some regular
 female Russian troops.

From the British character pack. A Scot with a mechanickal arm.
Um, yes, please!

Also from the British Character pack.
I believe she may be a crack shot.

A view of the breathing apparatus, on the British officer.

Front view of the officer.
Notice mask and reciprocating rifle. And epaulettes.

  Of the Steampunk line, so far I like the British character pack the best, and plan on getting one soon. I will eventually get some of the flame-wielding masked minions as well, and the character models from Parroom, but would like to see a reduction in the current lead mountain first. HAHAHAHAHA!

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