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09 April 2012

"D" is for...


   Whether on the Jungle Planet of Venus, or high up on the Lost World plateau of the Deep Amazon, on the Mysterious Island, or in the Hollow Earth, dinosaurs are very popular in Victorian Science Fiction. I think this may in part be a result of the discovery of many species in the Victorian era, and the so-called "Bone Wars," an intense and bitter rivalry between two prominent paleontologists. Prince Albert even established a museum for the big beasties (or at least, for their fossilized remains). And I can't imagine that there are none in the Regent's Park Royal Zoological Gardens.

Stegosaurus, drawn in 1896

   The 'terrible lizard' is always a welcome sight in VSF. I use them for random dangers in games, beasts of burden, even aerial mounts for lizardmen. One of these days, I'll get around to painting up the Germans on pterodactyls even - the dread Stukasaurus! With the abundance of good looking dinosaur toys in all sizes, there is no good reason not to have them somewhere in your VSF universe. In my VSF universe, I have dinosaurs on Venus. In the universe of When the Navy Walked, which I helped write and edit, the lead author (Rob Adams - a great guy) put them in Earthin, the inside of our hollow Earth.

Stukasaurus, by Eureka Miniatures.
I plan to exchange an Imperial German cross for the one used here.

Triceratops "Fergus", with cargo platform
[From author's collection]

Brontosaurus "Bertie", in harness for the British on Venus
[From author's colection]

   Towering over the jungle, "Bertie" allows Her Majesty's valiant men a vantage point the Hun can only envy. Close enough to the ground to see the smallest detail, yet high enough to see clearly for a great distance. The inclusion of dinosaurs brings out the kid in all of us.


Colonel O'Truth said...

Dinosaurs! What's not to love? Loving the A-Z, too! Keep it up, Old Bean!

All the Best!

J Womack, Esq. said...

Thank you, Colonel. So far, so good...