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08 April 2012

"C" is for...


   Yes, Frank Chadwick, the creator of Space: 1889, which was to the best of my knowledge the progenitor of all modern Victorian Science Fiction. I say 'modern' because I am not including the works of such authors as Verne, Wells, or Burroughs, although they were, of course, the inspiration for much of what Frank developed. I think it could be fairly said that he is the 'father' of the modern VSF and steampunk genre. He was steampunk when steampunk wasn't cool, to paraphrase a certain blond country singer.

Space: 1889 Role Playing Game
[Heliograph Edition]

   Besides creating Space: 1889, Frank has also written dozens of other games, and was a co-founder of Game Designer's Workshop, a major game publisher of the 1970s, 80s and 90s. These games include Traveler, the classic sci-fi game, Twilight: 2000, the post-nuclear game, and 2300 AD, a hard science fiction game set 300 years after the events of Twilight: 2000. He also created many historical boardgames, and developed the miniatures games associated with both Traveler and Space: 1889 (Sky Galleons of Mars and Soldier's Companion).

Frank Chadwick, 2005

   On a completely different note: Happy Easter! He is risen, and rising, conquered death!


PanzerKaput said...

Happy Easter.

Frank Chadwick said...

Thanks for including me. And thanks for reminding me of that shirt and tie combination!