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05 July 2011

Reginald's Regiments of Renown, Issue #11

1st Velocipede Dragoon Regiment

   The invention of the steam-driven bicycle, more accurately described as the velocipede, led quickly to a military development. Faster than horses, and able to carry more equipment than a man on foot, the velocipede and its flankcar provide mobility and firepower to the Kaiser's forces. Already trained in mobility tactics and prepared to fight dismounted, the dragoons were a natural fit for the velocipede regiments.

   The uniform of the Velocipede Dragoon is very similar to that of the standard dragoons. The light blue jacket is worn, along with dark trousers and riding boots. Black infantry helmet is standard, but omits the spike of the traditional pickelhaube for safety reasons.

   Each dragoon is armed with a carbine, but one out of three of the velocipedes is provided with a flank car and a second rider. This flankcar carries a pintle-mounted machinegun that can also be detached and fitted to a tripod. This massively increases the firepower of the Velocipede Dragoons.

   The regiment itself is so new that it has yet to see combat. However, the combination of firepower and mobility ensure that the Velocipede Dragoons will certainly have a major impact on the future of warfare.

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