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04 July 2011

American Independence Celebration

   As many of you are no doubt aware, the Americans celebrate the anniversary of the signing of their Declaration of Independence today. While we rather enjoy the traiditional pyrotechnic celebrations, it is still a bit surprising to Her Majesty's loyal subjects that the Americans have managed so well in the years since their departure from the fold. Mean to say, I know old George III was a bit, well, peculiar, but fighting a war of rebellion over a few eccentricities? Well, water under the bridge now, as they say. Just so long as they remember they are the junior partner in the English-speaking nations of the world, well, I suppose all will be well.

  See you at the American Legation celebration. I hear they are having some of those odd German style sausages on a bun, cooked over an open flame, of all things. And washing it down with beer that has been chilled. Dashed odd, Cousin Jonathan.

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