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22 April 2011

VSF and Horror?

  I was perusing the Privateer Press website, looking at some of their Warmachine models, and considering their usefulness for my VSF games. There are some nice things there, if a bit pricey. I took a peek at the Cryx faction, which I generally don't care for, as a matter of personal taste. But I saw the figures below (picture from the website) and it got me thinking about a horror aspect to VSF gaming.
   I originally was looking at the Cryx for possible experimentl subjects for Doctor Vardu, the mad scientist operating secretly out of Venusstaadt IMVSF. Thinking something like Frankenstein's monster or Reanimator - life from death, that sort of thing. I saw these "Drudge Mind Slaves", and thought they looked more like a horrifying mechanical zombie experiment sort of thing. Beyond mere mad science and into true horror, you see.

   While it is not an aspect that I think I will be pursuing, I though it an idea worth mentioning here.

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