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23 April 2011

More Privateer Ideas

   Yesterday I mentioned looking through Privateer Press's Warmachine minis online. Well, I wanted to bring a particular piece to your attention: the Cygnar faction's massive "battle engine", the Storm Strider.

Photo from Privateer Press Website (used w/o permission)

   By 'massive,' I mean you should consider that the base is 120mm in diameter. The size of a CD. BIG. the pricetag is commensuratingly big: $89.99. But this is one big hunk of lead, and sure to dominate any battlefield.

   The other factions also have battle engines, but the Khador one is the only other one that just seems very VSF to me. It is known as the "Gun Carriage".

   Now, some of you out there may be put off by the horse-drawn nature of the vehicle. But, you could perhaps swap these horses for the steam-horses made by Mage Knight and mentioned elsewhere. Then you would have a mechanickal and steam-powered motive force.

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