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12 January 2011

When The Navy Walked Reviewed

Ladies and Gentlemen,

   From time to time, I like to point my readers in the direction of interesting finds regarding things that might affect the good people of the Crown Colony. In this case, it is a cultural connection, a review of a new form of entertainment. This is part one of a multipart review by an independent third party, who has no connection that I am aware of to the development of When the Navy Walked. Find it here, at a gentleman named Porky's electrojournal.

  Odd name, Porky. Must be an old school name, such as my good friend Albert "Thumper" Bowlingham. Ah, the Old School Tie...

Full Disclosure: While Messer Porky has no professional connection, your faithful publisher does work as editor for the WtNW line. So I do have a stake in this. But, I thought it was good that some positive reviews have come out.

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