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13 January 2011

Looking back to 2010

   This time of year, it is common practice to look back over the previous annum, and consider how one could have done a better job at, well, whatever it is you do. For me, that means a few things: Husband, daddy, teacher, gamer. As far as the first three go, I do a great job. In my not so humble opinion.

   Regarding gaming, however, it was a very hit-or-miss kind of year. I started off fairly strong with painting, really through until about April or May. Since then, virtually no painting of consequence has been accomplished. For wargaming, I went to Historicon, and got in a good half dozen games or so. One big convention, one small one (OwlCon, here in Houston). Made several monthly games with my local group, though not one VSF game. They lean rather strongly towards historicals, especially Ancients, lately. Writing wise, I did no real writing, but I have made some strong contributions to a new line of wargames rules as editor for The ArmChair General. Plus, I did get out two issues of The Aethergraph. And for the last major category of my gaming hobby, we come to roleplaying. Which we finished off the year fairly strongly, with a new D&D 3.5 campaing underway since September.

   So, looking forward for 2011, what are my goals? I think it's important to set goals, as guidelines for a scope of work if nothing else. So, what are they?
  • Painting (VSF only): Finish Automaton army in both 15 and 25 mm. Finish British infantry in 25mm.
  • Writing: Write at least one chapter a month in the book, and edit at least three projects with ACG.
  • Publishing: Get out three issues of The Aethergraph.
  • Gaming: Make at least one convention, plus 8 monthly meetings.
  • RPG: Get players to the Isle of Dread so they can get eaten by dinosaurs.
  • Blog: At least one post per week for each of my two blogs.
   I think these are realistic and achieveable goals. Only time will tell. Stick around, and see where we go, or check things out at The Scattergun Gamer.


ArmChairGeneral said...

"Get players to the Isle of Dread so they can get eaten by dinosaurs."

Great goal!

Red Orc said...

I agree, though for me that might more realistically be a goal for next year, my players haven't even reached the Keep on the Borderlands yet.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Ah, good old B2: The Keep on the Borderlands!

In prior campaigns they pretty thoroughly cleared out the Caves of Chaos. I thought starting with The Whispering Cairn from the Age of Worms campaign would be a nice change. You can follow it more closely on my other blog, The Scattergun Gamer.