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01 February 2010

Toys in Post, Warning of Heresy

Friends, I have what most of us would call good news, and what many might consider grave news.

Good news first: I have gotten more toys in via the post office! Received today were:
  • 15mm Japanese, painted (16 cavalry, 2 guns, 4 crew, and 17 infantry). Rebase these fellas and find them some command, and we're ready for Japanese Imperial troops on Mars.
  • Hydra Miniatures' Warbot Destroyer.
  • Miniaturicum Paint Rack (via Hydra)
  • Picquet Main Rules, 2 ed.
The grave news is that my sons have expressed a desire to play (shudder!) Warhammer Fantasy Battle! Not surprising, as it does tend to appeal to younger players more than historicals do. So, I've been buying more GW stuff. Empire and Lizardmen mostly, as we have a friend with Orks and Gobbos, Dark Elves, and Chaos Beastmen. Luckily, I have some old Empire stuff (a cannon and a war wagon) and a goodly number of skinks and saurus, plus a stegadon. Plus, both are available rather cheap right now.

I will be starting a new blog either tonight or tomorrow to highlight our adventures together. Probably less a journal and more a 'normal' blog, out of character and such. Help me out with a name for it?

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