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01 February 2010

Goals for February 2010

As part of my ongoing commitment to getting a dent in the lead pile (which grows daily, somehow, even though I have sold off things and traded away others), I am trying to set achievabel goals to complete each month. Some of the things I will do are projects already started but never actually finished. Some are totally new.

Without further ado, the list for February:

  • Finish current vessels for Republic of Venice's Aeronef fleet (need some more ships)
  • Finish ten Hydra Miniatures Vardu sprout warriors
  • Finish projects from January that are undone
  • Repaint on old edition of GW Skink Stegadon for Venus
  • Ten 28mm Copplestone German Marines as Atherbattalion
  • Armorcast Gothic Laboratory Power Generator

It's a short month this month, so I think that's a good amount. Wish me luck!


ArmChairGeneral said...

Stick with it! It will be interesting to see what the completed Armorcast Gothic Lab looks like when completed.

Eli Arndt said...

I hate setting goals for myself. I always feel bad when I don't make them...:)

Good luck to you on this.