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28 May 2009

Test Game on Sunday

I am working on the game I am going to be running at Historicon this year, and I have several new things I need to work out for purposes of play balance. So, on Saturday, a friend of mine from my local monthly gaming bunch (almost totally strict historicals, but that's fun too!) is coming to the casa to play a game. He'll have his choice of either automatons or Martians, versus the British.

The basic objective is for the British to lead a train of mules the length of the table. The Martians want to stop that from happening. The automatons would like to capture the mules (much more difficult).

We'll be using the Battles by GASLIGHT rules, with which I need to refresh myself and which the other victim - er, player - has no familiarity. Luckily, they are pretty easy rules. I will try to take copious notes and photos for a battle report and After Action Analysis. Look for said report next week or so.

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Eli Arndt said...

Thew viewing public demands pics!