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25 May 2009

The Rainy Season Ends

10 May 1881

The addition of bricks to the main building is definitely a fine sight to see. I think Corporal O’Hara and his crew have done a great job on their masonry work as well as keeping the steam generated machines running in an efficient manner. The roads are also taking shape as the rainy season has finally ended and we are just receiving the daily drizzle. The sub-base and stone roads are taking shape as I envision us someday connecting our fort with Camp Trafalgar. The Limeys are talking of building a railroad to link the two camps already and are expecting to get approval from London. I cannot imagine how many troops we would lose in building the railroad as the landscape is still unknown in many aspects and the terrain is something difficult to venture across (except by dirigible).

Seaman 1st Class Johansson has been away from his sawmill duties this week as he has been gallivanting across the sky in the Orca with the officers and also W.J. Struthers himself. If the Orca loses steam I am sure we can use Old W.J. as a power source as his tales of grandeur are never ending. The officers still hear his tales continually as they are forced to eat with him on a daily basis. This is one of those times I am grateful I am not an officer and would have to be polite to someone of Old W.J.’s stature.

W.J. Struthers III has shot four different species of dinosaurs / reptiles this week and has already had their hides treated in the sun. Not one of the species is hostile in the least, and I cannot believe he shot a Grillag to mount on his wall. That would be like shooting a longhorn and mounting its head on your wall. His men are very skilled and his cook is an exquisite baker and definitely gives Sergeant Thibodeaux a run for his money in his ability to turn out a meal. The difference is Sergeant Thibodeaux cooks meals for a whole battalion and Mr. Kinsley only cooks for small groups of people. Plus, I would never tell Sergeant Thibodeaux that someone can cook better then him. Besides reducing my rations, he would probably put one of those Cajun curses on me.

The temple has been quite amazing as Doctors Caruthers and Palmer say they have uncovered a few new artifacts from the antechamber on the north end and believe they have found an entrance to a crypt.

I am hoping to receive word form my oldest boy Ian, but I do not expect much as he is in fish camp at Gannon Military Institute for the next two months and his freshman year will be quite long and difficult. Enough for now. Time for a cigar and a walk to the mess.

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Eli Arndt said...

Venus is really taking form. I am amazed at your consistency in both pacing, plot and continuity.

Keep it up!