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20 April 2009

Aeronef News

As you may or may not know, I purchased a number of Brigade Models's Aeronef minis a month or so back. I've not been doing much in the way of painting the last several weeks, so little progress has been made upon them.

However, I have been inspired to get back to them today, by an announcement on The Miniatures Page (TMP - http://www.theminiaturespage.com/) regarding the first of a new fleet painted by Tony, aka Dampfpanzerwagon.

Tony has begun a new fleet project, the Knights of St. John, aka the Knights Hospitaller, aka the Knights of Malta. Above is a photo of the first ship in the fleet, and she's a beauty! The really amazing part is that she's a scratchbuilt, as are most (if not all) of Tony's ships.

Find out more here: http://dampfpanzerwagon.blogspot.com/2009/04/aeronef-new-project.html

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