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13 March 2009

Nouveau Paris Sacked

25 January ….

This week we had some sad news: the dirty Hun has sacked Nouveau Paris on Mars and now marches on the formerly French streets. The French, naturally, are outraged by this bold move on the Kaiser's part, and are contacting the world's governments for help. I am unsure of what our government's official position is, but I am sure that President Augustus McCrae still has no love for the French. They supported Mexico in the Maximillian War, when he was struck by a rifle ball in his left leg. I am sure that every time he walks with his cane that he remembers that. Our spies in Germany have told us of a scientist who is working on many strange weapons and some type of mechanical soldiers.

On the lighter side the RTS Santa Fe with her two gunship escorts, the RTS Hammerhead and RTS Mako arrived Friday with more Black Leg infantry, four dog handlers with German Shepherds and another gun crew. The Army strength is up to 282 men, with three 2.5” Colt Mountain Guns.

The Santa Fe bore gifts of a microscope and some lab equipment for Doctor Armstrong. The equipment was hand carried by another Herbalist by the name of PVT Owens; he is assigned to the medical department and is straight out of school in Kingsville. Drs. Caruthers and Palmer both received letters of commendation and ownership of the temple site by name. An exhibit will eventually be displayed in the Republic National Museum with all the grandeur. neither of the scientists ahve said much about it, but I know they are fit to burst with excitement over their new-found fame.

We also have our first 'real' civilians on base now - the scientists don't really count, seeing how they were sent by the government and have been strictly under our chain of command as scientific advisors. Some reporters from the Houston Post and the New Glasgow Gazette arrived on the Santa Fe. The reporters are here to observe, take pictures and make someone here at Fort Humid famous. They constantly trail behind Major Higgins and Subaltern Pummel, as they want to hear from the young officer and his commanding officer. They also plan to make several trips to the Blue Temple and write stories of our scientists’ discoveries.

Lady V wants to play with the military dogs and she seems very happy to have fellow canine company. I doubt she will share a smoked Grillag bone with them, however! Well, it is off to bed as we have our work cut out for us this week.

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