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12 March 2009

Chariot Races

18 January ….

What an interesting day today! We held the first known chariot races on Venus. Sergeant Garcia and Sergeant Cromwell’s crews each built a design for a chariot during their off watches, and today we had a race to see whose chariot is the best design. There was much toasting and carrying on and there were many side bets up and down the chain of command both Army and Marines. The course was about three miles long in two laps. Men were piled in every good vantage point from tree to towers and fort walls. Lance Corporal Daniels was triumphant, driving the Team Cromwell chariot. That means a week off of latrine duty for Cromwell's team, thanks to Sergeant Garcia and his crew.

Drs. Caruthers and Palmer are making some progress with their research at the Blue Temple, as they uncovered another tablet and pictographs depicting another temple. This one, according to the pictograms, would seem to be located somewhere to the north of Fort Humid, up in the Highlands. I still wonder how the good scientists will be able to decipher what is written as there is no one that speaks the lizard man tongue, much less has any written history.

It has been almost three weeks since we were attacked by the plant people and we still have no idea of why they attacked us that day, unless we just happened to stumble upon a scouting party. LT Armstrong is anxiously awaiting the return of the RTS Santa Fe, as she is hopefully bringing some lab equipment. Still, it will be at least another week until she arrives. I only hope that we can wait that long.

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