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15 May 2008

Second battle of Ghola coming up Soon!

Yes, friends, it seems that the small Martian village of Ghola shall once again be split asunder by modern warfare.

Martian agents recovered the Sacred Orb from British hands and returned it to the Shrine at Ghola. The British are sending an expeditionary force to recover their trophy and punish the natives, and the French have come to stick their noses into Her Majesty's affairs yet again. These continued incursions into territory which clearly falls into the British Martian Crown Colony's control by the French may provoke a wider conflict.

The native Gholani are again assisted by units of 'volunteers' from the Galforrian Empire. Those devils never learn.

Battle will no doubt be joined this Saturday morning, and should last until early afternoon at the latest. It is hoped that this time there shall be a proper report after the action.

Rules used are GASLIGHT. Figures come from both Stone Mountain (for the French and the British) and Black Hat (for all Martians, including the sepoys). The steam-powered war machines of the French and British started life as MageKnights and D&D Miniatures figures, by WizKids and Wizards of the Coast, respectively.

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