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03 May 2008

Egads! A new month already?

May already? Egads! That testing schedule has your correspondent all turned about. After my many assurances that I shall endeavor to provide my readers with more constant fodder for their entertainment and edification, I find that I have yet again fallen behind. It seems that a weekly posting to this journal is all that I can seem to muster these days.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before now, but it seems that there shall be a re-fight of the battle previously reported here in March. This second battle of Ghola will, one hopes, be better chronicled than the last, though circumstances being what they are, and my lackadaisical attitude towards adding to the journal lately have, I am sure, earned me few new readers.

For fun, I am putting up a new poll today. Not the serious and weighty matters of the monthly survey, but a light-hearted affair. The monthly poll has not been decided upon as yet, but rest assured, it is being considered. It will, perhaps, appear later this afternoon. Check again before the month ends, would you?

I shouldn't blame my once-faithful readers if their interest here has waned. The lamentable lag between postings does make it difficult to care about continued subscription, even at the price (free of all charges, gentlemen!). I do hope that what few of you remain shall persevere until the summer months, when I shall be on vacation and therefore shall have more time both for both organization and preparation of additional forces for battle. Haven't even begun on the parrotmen of Venus, for example. Found I need more parts for them. I think our friend Neal at the War Store shall be receiving yet more of my hard earned shillings.

Until next time, good and faithful friends.

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