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03 February 2008

Mr Wells' Book Has it All Wrong!

Of course, he's just a fantasist. What would he know of the real Mars? Never been out of earshot of Big Ben tolling the hour, I shouldn't wonder!

My eldest boy finished his silly novel this afternoon. What rubbish! Tentacled Martians - has anyone seen a tentacled Martian, I ask you? And this nonsense about heat rays and cylinders launched from Mars to invade Earth? All backwards, isn't he? We've invaded them, brought them into our civilized and enlightened empire, haven't we? Still, the boy enjoyed the read.

As more important matters go, I must report the completion of 19 wily Pathans (Stone Mountain). The 20th was wiliest of the lot, having successfully hidden himself in the workspace, so similar to his rock strewn Afghan hills for over a week! Only discovered the little bugger was missing when I finally counted little be-turbanned heads, and came up one short! Ten minutes of searching finally yielded his hiding spot: beneath the edge of an old palette.

I've adjusted one portion of the journal as well. The Painting Count formerly in the left hand marginalia has been made into a Pledge Monitor. If you don't know about the Pledge, you haven't been reading this for long. To date, I have painted more than I have purchased. God grant me the fortitude to maintain this pledge - so long as I avoid those dens of temptation known in some nefarious circles as 'conventions,' I believe I can prevail.

Until next time, dear readers... at which point I should be able to announce a few milestones!

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