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03 February 2008

Many Happenings...


Fill your snifters, light your cigars and lean back to peruse this journal and the many other fine records similar to it upon the telephonic difference engine weave. We are rapidly approaching two milestones, though one is a minor thing. The fiftieth post is nigh upon us, as my 1,000th visitor. Exciting times we live in, yes?

Today's schedule includes final touches on almost 20 Pathans and finishing off the first batch of 11 pavises. I'll also be priming the new Steam Landship and Imperial Martians. I'm thinking both will be finished by next weekend. The Martians in particular should take little time.

I'll also be uploading some additional work on the history of the Republic of Texas. For now, we shall remain Terrestrial. In future weeks or months, as schedules allow, I shall be working on an alternate alternate history, one in which the planets are in man's reach in the late 19th Century.

Well gents, enjoy the brandy and cigars, poke about a bit by all means. Granted, there are no risque shots of barely-clad Cyprians in here, but then, those are hardly difficult to find on a difference engine's viewing screen, are they? Rather common, don't you think?

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