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22 January 2008

The War Banner of the Galforrian Emerald Legion...


The following image has been known to strike terror in even the stoutest of red Martian breasts. I give you, the dreaded war banner of the Galforrian Emerald Legion!

Notice how the end of what we would think of as a normal triangular pennant has been mercilessly lopped off. According to Martian sources, this is an indication of what can be expected for all who oppose the Galforrian Legions. Naturally, this emerald green banner is that of the infamous Emerald Legion, responsible for the tragic events at Gurswalla Station and the Hodeedoe Mine. Oh, the depravity of these fiends in red skin! Their savagery bears witness to the need for civilised Earth nations such as Old Blighty to take a hand in their affairs until they can more decently conduct themselves. Why, even the nefarious French or Huns would be better neighbours than these brutes!
Naturally, I shall keep my faithful readers informed should these villains be sighted! And as soon as I can get a couple of dozen more painted, they'll be sighted, I assure you. Shouldn't take but a few weeks at this rate.
Until then, good friends, as our somewhat uncouth friends from the Republic of Texas like to say, "See y'all later."

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