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24 January 2008

Sir! The Johnnies have Guns!

Well, at least one gun. I've finished painting a native Martian cannon on a floating platform. Highly maneuverable, I believe the 'carriage' is constructed of liftwood. At any rate, it moves as quickly as the crew, since it simply floats above the terrain. How they manage the gun's recoil is beyond me, I'm afraid. Probably a matter for those Foreign Office chaps who ask questions, what?

And the gunners themselves! Fairly naked! Mean to say, it gets dashed hot working a gun, but its simply indecent. Thank God we'll never see the like in the Army!

The miniatures are from Black Hat, as usual when it comes to my 15/18mm Martians. I really like their sculpts. I've a birthday coming up and I'll be asking for more of them. I'll post a picture or two when I get a chance. As usual, they'll be in the photostatic scrapbook.

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