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04 January 2008

Happy New Year!

Greetings again, faithful subscribers to this journal!

First order of business: wishing you all a joyous New Year! One of my resolutions is to Get More Projects Done. I am hopeful that i will keep that resolution, as I managed to keep (and have kept on keeping, for the record) last year's major resolution. What was it, you ask? I determined I would no longer allow crass advertising and the 'better deal' offer to negatively impact my health. I have not "supersized" any meal since 2006. Hopefully I will be able to continue that into the new year as well.

Second order of business: Another milestone in the telephonic journaling logbook has been reached! We have now had over 500 visits to this journal. Huzzah! Champagne and canapes for all! Properly cool, too, none of that warm fizz for my favored guests!

Third order of business: Some updates to the publications files will be made today. I'll probably also add a document pieced together by my friend and co-author, Jim S. (take a bow, Jim) regarding the military small arms of the Republic of Texas' history. Might also put in the next twenty years or so of the timeline, even though its not fully hashed out - but then, a work such as this is never completed, I think, merely walked away from for a time.

Tomorrow I think I shall begin posting a (hopefully) weekly tabulation of painting and terrain progress for 2008. As of now, the count stands at nil across the board.

Until later, my friends and fellow enthusiasts, I remain your faithful chronicler,


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