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28 December 2007

28 December, 2007

Obviously, I am running out of pithy titles for my journal entries, so let's try simple dates.

Yesterday marked the twelfth anniversary of my eldest child's birth. Hard to believe I have been "Daddy" for twelve whole years now. Gadzooks, but they grow quickly! The boy is already wearing a shoe two sizes larger than mine and shall probably surpass my height (a rather meager 5 feet and seven inches) within the next six months or so. Add to that eating like a starving bear... its a miracle we've managed to keep him fed. And a younger brother to care for as well!

Not too much progress has been made on the painting fronts, in mind of all the festivities lately. I have managed to get a few of the Martian askaris dipped. They came out rather dark, so i may be touching up some more once they are good and solid dried. That Minwax takes a while to dry. Maybe its time I bought some Future floor wax and tried that version of the Magic Dip?

I've also been working on some Battlemechs for my son, in a sort of generic Lyran blue and white divided scheme. That'll give his light lance of Kurita Mechs that he already has (bought them painted off eBay) something to fight against.

What I have NOT been getting any work done on is Her Majesty's soldiery. I have the bare start of a pair of 15mm lancers sitting there. The minis themselves are Old Glory, and quite nice.

Update - I got called away from the computer while writing this and just now got back, a day later!

My last Christmas gifts arrived in the post finally! Some Martian chappies from RAFM in Canada. Better late than never and very nice miniatures too.

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