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17 December 2007

Ten Days! Good Heavens!

Tempus fugit, eh gentlemen?

I am sure that you have all been waiting with baited breath for another exciting and stimulating post from yours truly. Well, ten days seems far too long to have made you, my loyal readers, to wait.

And so, I post again. Really, I do feel a bit slothful in regards to this journal in the past few weeks. And considering the relative youth of the blasted thing, I am doubly abashed. Quite simply, I have not been doing what I set out to do when I began the journal.

Never fear, good reader! I am trying to take this as a way to renew my commitment to properly journaling. I have been quite busy on other fronts. To wit:

I have started and almost finished my first water effect terrain project. I used a very nice product mainly utilized by model railroaders for the water effect. I promise a few photos of the completed Martian oasis when they are available. Its possible that I might even add a description of the steps I took in creating it. I am rather pleased with it so far.

Work on the Martian askaris has proceeded as well. Given a few hours (which I shan't have until the weekend, if then, and possibly not until Boxing Day) I can get them finished and ready for The Dip. Again, photos need to be taken and posted. Think red Martians in khaki uniforms. I am very happy with the sculpts, from Black Hat, via Scale Creep here in the States.

I haven't heard many comments on the bit of Republic of Texas Army lore I posted ten days ago, other than from my co-conspirator. I have patched up a bit of a narrative regarding a battle fought between elements of the ROT Army and Imperial Mexican troops at a place called Paquime Walls during what we have labeled the Maximillian War. I am going to post that tonight, as well as perhaps the first ten or twenty years of the timeline, just as a taste. Please recall that it is a work in progress, and any sort of constructive criticism would be appreciated. One can never find enough good editors, though critics are tuppence a dozen.

Well, the bed she sings her siren call, and I must away. Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the memsahib and my nuptials. Fourteen years she's tolerated me - we have far exceeded even the most wildly optimistic of our friends' and families' expectations for our continued marriage. So, hurray for us!

Until next time, ladies and gents, I remain your affectionate and somewhat re-dedicated,

J Womack

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