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07 December 2007

New Paint Pots by Post

Got new paints in today, so Herr Professor Otto Maton's colckwork soldiers in 28mm will most likely see paint this weekend. had to get some of that yummy Vallejo Brass. Also got some Prussian Blues in, so I may start work on the Mordian to Imperial German Special Weapons Group paint conversion, again in 28mm.

Need to dip a few Martians tomorrow too, just to see how they come out. I am hoping to get a good look so I can really start mass painting them. I have sixty or so Imperial Guard Martians from Black Hat to get done before January, as well as about 20 Askaris and I need to finish the British as well. I would like to have a game with them all nice and pretty like in paint in January at Little Wars in Houston. Just have to see.

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