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20 December 2007

New Photostatic Prints in the Scrapbook


A bit later than originally thought, I know, but a few more photostats are now available for you to peruse and comment upon.

I am particularly fond of the images of the tranquil Martian oasis. Pools of crystal clear water like this are rare on the thirsty red sands of Mars. So rare that the stuff is more precious than gold and rubies! Oases such as this one have seen so much bloodshed it would little shock me if science were to prove the reason for the red coloring of the Martian soil was due to the blood shed upon it so frequently! It seems only a matter of time before the quiet oasis in this photostat shall be visited with violent struggle again. This particular pool is near an ancient temple. Local legend holds that the eternally upflowing spring which so swiftly drains into the sand was the original reason behind the temple's location.

Also, we have our first photos (in the 15mm section) of Texican troops of the late 1800s in progress on the paint table. Martian Askaris can be found in the 15mm album as well. These stout chaps are garbed in the nearly universal kharkee of colonial troops. In fact, the differences between Imperial Germany's askari levy and Her Majesty's are so slight as to be invisible at any battlefield distance. my advice: watch for their officers, sergeants and bannermen.

In the 25mm album, you may also see two new figures as well. One is the partually completed Imperial German (mislabeled as Prussian, though I doubt not that this particular lad is of Junker ancestry) special artillery weapons trooper. The other is an Egyptian man, quite mysterious and finished but for a suitable base and clear protective coating. Finally, I believe you can see a shot of my painting area. Quite a mess, and in dire need of reorganization. The completion of a project or two would help immensely.

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