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26 December 2007

Just popping in, chaps!

A Happy Boxing Day to you all!

The wife and I have survived another Christmas, wallets thinner and bank accounts less-well-padded, but children ecstatically happy with their new toys. I am as well, with a unit of RAFM Martian troops on their way to me (the Post has not been running swiftly, as usual, the blackguards!).

Christmas dinner was a nightmare, but the services were nice.

Just checked the poll, and so far it looks like a landslide for Yes!, although one person has chided me for the over-commercialization of a sacred holiday. While I understand the point - after all, I did add it as an option on the poll - I personally think that so long as the reason for the holiday isn't forgotten in all the fun, there's no real harm in all the fun.

And besides, it is so fun watching your kids' faces light up as they come down the stairs and see all the goodies Santa has brought for them. If you don't have kids, you are truly missing out on the best part of Christmas morning.

Anyway, must be off. Rubbish doesn't remove itself, and all the servants have the holiday off. I know, too kind of me, but there it is. Where are those boys of mine? Don't they realize they've rubbish to remove to the curb?

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