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26 September 2016

VSF Project Review

   I've decided after many years that I have simply too many ideas and not enough time. So I am evaluating all of my projects, and determining which ones I shall carry on with in an attempt to complete them and which shall be abandoned in the interest of achieving the previous goal.

   For status, I shall use 'planning' (want to buy minis), 'active' (not playable but I am currently working on it), 'inactive' (unplayable but on to-do list), 'dead' (can't play, not doing anything, don't plan on it), 'playable' (enough to play, still adding to it), and rarest of all, 'finished' (can play, no plans to add to it). Thus far, I have decided:

  1. VSF Eureka Pond Wars: dead
  2. VSF Lizardmen: inactive
  3. VSF/Colonial British: playable
  4. VSF German: marginally playable
  5. VSF Automaton: finished (lacks one thing from Parroom Station to replace the dog-eaten one)
  6. VSF Martian: marginally playable- awaiting Parroom Station's eventual release (I hope)
  7. VSF Vardu: inactive
  8. VSF French: inactive
  9. VSF Russian: dead
  10. VSF Japanese: dead
  11. VSF Turkish: dead
  12. VSF Parrotmen: inactive (possibly dead)
  13. VSF Characters (HM Victoria I, others): playable
  14. Skyrunners VSF Racing: dead
  15. EOTD/IHMN Werewolves: finished
  16. EOTD/IHMN Gentlemen: finished
  17. EOTD/IHMN Police Constables: playable
  18. IHMN Lord Curr's Company: playable
  19. IHMN Servants of Ra: playable
  20. IHMN Society of Thule: playable
  21. IHMN Cowboys and Lawmen: finished
  22. Terrain VSF: inactive
  1. VSF/Colonial British: playable
  2. VSF/Colonial French: playable
  3. VSF Martians: playable
  4. VSF Venusian Lizardmen: playable
  5. VSF Automatons: finished
  6. VSF/Colonial Germans: playable
  7. VSF Monstrosities (Dr. Vardu): inactive
  8. VSF Japanese: dead
  9. VSF Texicans: inactive (maybe dead)
  10. VSF Papal States: dead
  11. VSF Terrain: inactive
Fleet Scale (smaller than 6mm)
  1. Dystopian Wars (DW) Federated States: playable
  2. DW Prussian: playable
  3. DW Indian Raj: planning
  4. Sky Galleons of Mars (SGOM) British: inactive
  5. SGOM Martians: inactive
  6. Aeronef Italians: dead
  7. Terrain: inactive
  1. VSF French: inactive
  2. VSF German: inactive
  3. VSF British: inactive
  4. VSF Venusian Lizardmen: planning
  5. VSF Martians: inactive
  6. Terrain: inactive
   That's a grand total of 46 projects, including terrain in each scale. Of them, only four are 'finished.' And only about half of the rest are playable. I've definitely decided that eight are dead projects, as far as I am concerned. That means I have about 34 projects still on the boil, either playable or not.

   I'm mad. Bonkers. Crazy. Off the rocker.


Elderac said...

I have one of the steam quad cycles with maxim gun thing from Parhoon's minion line. It is painted gray and may be assembled.
I use acrylic paint (generally the hobby store kind) and coat with Testor Dull-coat (which I may not have put on this figure yet).

Since I already have a machine gun team for the minions, I am willing to part with this piece, especially since it is likely to get more play time with you than with me.

If you are interested, I can take a picture of it.


J Womack, Esq. said...

I am absolutely interested. Email me please.

Pat G said...

Quite the list.

Captain Darling said...

Quite a list impressive...good idea to do a stocktake though! I regularly review my 'stuff'...
How many painted vs unpainted figures do these categories cover and dare I ask how any more except the couple mentioned are required to complete the current list?

J Womack, Esq. said...

Captain: We don't discuss such tawdry subjects as unpainted lead... far too common. And depressing.

Captain Darling said...


Elderac said...

I sent an e-mail to the aethergraph address. If it did not come through, please let me know. I may have attached too many images.


Stuart S said...

A great idea to list the projects, but as a wargamer from the school of the butterfly, I shudder to think about how long the list would be....
Victorian Planet of the apes..
Cod wars :-)
Etc, etc - The list goes on...

J Womack, Esq. said...

Stuart: I had to break the total number of all projects, VSF and non-VSF, into three separate posts on my other blog.

25mm: http://thescattergungamer.blogspot.com/2016/09/project-review-fall-2016-2528mm.html

15mm: http://thescattergungamer.blogspot.com/2016/09/project-check-fall-2016-15mm.html

and "Small Scale": http://thescattergungamer.blogspot.com/2016/09/project-check-fall-2016-odd-fleet-and.html

Over a hundred projects, including the dead ones.