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05 May 2015

Round 2 Entry - 17th Lancers Aerocav

   Since this round is also over, I can share these. I posted the original one many moons ago, but I only got around to painting up the remaining nine back in February. I think they came out well, and look forward to using them in a game.

   This is the 17th Lancers' F-Troop, mounted on the new Guernsey Patent Steam Ornithopter. Nicknamed the "bug boys" for obvious reasons. Note how the 'eyes' glow green? That's the handwavium reaction providing heat for the steam power. Vents out the tail, in controlled bursts for charges. Also, they are armed with the explosive limpet lance. Just the thing for blowing big holes in the delicate liftwood panels of Martian kites.


Gordon Richards said...


Colonel O'Truth said...

Those. Are. Awesome!!!!!

Well done indeed!

Phil said...

Unusual and excellent!!

Galdarbjelke said...

They are so Cool ! Impressive paintwork!
I want some...a squad or two...=)