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29 July 2014

Cards for IHMN - A Useful Tool

  I downloaded a free Magic Card Editor program a few years ago. I don't play Magic: The Gathering any more, but the program is very useful for making reference cards for gaming. I have used it previously for GASLIGHT units, and now I am making a set of cards for In Her Majesty's Name.

This is a Talent card. It gives the rules and point costs for a Talent.
I have all the published Talents done.

This is a Beast card.
I am making one for each creature in the published Bestiaries.

A Character card.
I have finished Lord Curr's Company, the Servants of Ra, and
the Mechanickal Menace (Automatons).

Mystic Powers.
Phase, Range, Duration, Save, Effect, and points cost.

   If you like these, the program is free. You can get it here.


Edwin King said...

A very nice tip - thank you!

J Womack, Esq. said...

Paul: Yes. I have another program (NitroPDF) that allows me to print to a PDF file.

Then print on thin cardstock and voila!

David Drage said...

Nice job...

J Womack, Esq. said...

Thank you, David!

Chris said...

Super stuff. I don't think it is worth being sniffy about cards 'looking like Magic cards' when the end results can be as attractive and useful as your examples. I use a prog simply called 'Magic Set Editor' (I think). Which do you use?

J Womack, Esq. said...

Chris: I think that is the one I am using as well. I put a link in at the bottom of the post.

Was I being 'sniffy'? I didn't mean to be. The bane of electronic written communications - things don't always come out the way they are meant to do.

Anyway, thanks for the compliments on the cards. I think they come out looking great and, even more important, they are bloody useful!

Chris said...

Oh gosh! No! I didn't mean that at all. I was thinking of other comments I read somewhere where someone said the cards looked too much like Magic cards for his liking. I actually meant to rephrase that slightly but got distracted and just pressed submit. Apologies for the confusion!

T Gordon said...

Just absolutely love this idea since I saw it in the Aethergraph, wanted to ask you how you went about it, and then saw this blogpost. Inspiring stuff Sir.

Especially as I intend to run some IHMN games with the various companies this weekend. Many thanks for the link and I'm prepared to give it a crack, but just a few quick questions, how long did it take for you to make these cards, and did you source your own art/pictures?

Many thanks again for an outstanding idea.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Gordon: first, thanks for reading The Aethergraph.

Second, some photos are my own, others are Internet plunder.

Finally, each card only takes a minute or two.