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15 February 2014

Replacement Parts Arrived

  The aethership in highport today unloaded replacement parts for the French landship that has stalled due to incorrect pieces. Engineers have unpacked the parts and begun removing the packing grease. Once the solvent has dried, the pieces can be painted, assembled, and attached to the steamtank. A fast enquiry at the Victoria Steamworks indicates that the professional opinion for the time to complete this project as less than one week. At that time, the French should have an operable scouting vehicle.

[Editor's Note: Ironclad Miniatures rapidly despatched my replacement tracks and they arrived today. I washed the necessary part to remove any residual mold release, and I'm waiting for it to dry. I should be able to prime it tonight. Painting tomorrow, and then attachment on Monday. And then it will be done!]

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