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31 December 2013

Martian Reinforcements

   More shield gunners have arrived in time for the New Year. Protected by their armour, they also crouch behind their thick shields to avoid the onslaught of British lead as they advance. Once at close range, these assault troops unleash a furious rain of shot from the breechloading shotguns mounted in their shields. Unarmoured troops should take care not to allow these fierce warriors to approach.

[Editors Note: These are the last of the first 10 RAFM Space 1889 shield gunners. I now have another unit for 28mm VSF! Huzzah! I bought these at Historicon 2011, along with their five companions. I have another seven or eight waiting their turn on the paint table (and maybe some command figures), which were purchased at Historicon this summer. Have I mentioned before how much I love the flea market there? These five bring my total of 28mm figures painted this year to a nice round 100. Not bad for The Slowest Painter in Texas" (TM).]


DLI said...

Excellent looking chaps, bravo Sir.

Elderac said...

Very nicely done. When GDW went out of business years ago, I took several boxes of the RAFM Martians in lieu of payment for work I had done. I am slowly getting them painted.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Elderac: Oh really??? Do you have any boxes of the Legions of Mars set? I don't know exactly what comes in it.