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26 October 2013

Galvanic Ray Cannon Fielded!

   The Galvanic Ray Cannon uses electrical power provided by an easily swapped miniaturised and self-contained voltaic pile. Each voltaic cartridge holds enough power to fire the cannon once. When fired, an intense beam of superheated light energy bursts forth, striking at great distances with uncanny accuracy.

[Editor's Note: This is a project that has been languishing for literally years in my 'to-do' pile. Glad to have it finally done and it looks rather good, I think. The gun itself is obviously an older GW metal lascannon, and the trails are from the same gun. The wheels I replaced with a pair generously donated to me by Nic Robson of Eureka Minaitures, down in Australia. Nic's a great guy - missed him at Historicon this year, and I hear he's likely to skip in future so that he can attend Salute in Old Blighty. Their gain, our loss. Maybe I can talk the memsahib into letting me go to Salute...]

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