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24 October 2013

Doctor Vardu's Mutant Simian Bodyguard

Ape-X, Doctor Vardu's Mutant Simian Bodyguard

   The devious Doctor Vardu, the master of the manipulation of the threads of life, has created a new mutant animal monstrosity. This zoomorph blends Mountain Gorilla with a touch of Humanity, and is fitted with a mindcontrol cap to ensure that his rage is vented only upon those the bad doctor designates. The mad scientist has been assisted it seems by Professor Otto Maton, as well, by the looks of that grafted miniature Gatling gun and the steam-powered gauntlet on Ape-X's left hand.

He's a silverback!

[Editor's Note: Not quite done with this one, but wanted to get some pictures posted anyway. He's a Chronoscope line Ape-X from Reaper's Bones product. First of the Bones plastics that I have painted, and it was very easy. No primer, just a good wash with warm soap and water and straight to paint.]


Paul of the Man Cave said...

A Man Cave is incomplete without some sort of giant ape figure (preferably a cyborg or mutant)! Will he be joining one of your IHMN companies?

Nice work!

John Lambshead said...

Good stuff.

DLI said...

You can never go wrong with a big monkey with a machine gun.Bravo Sir!