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05 June 2013

Azog Treadbike Previewed

   Over on TMP, the madman known as Tango often clues folks in on the newest and neatest stuff out there on the internet for gaming enthusiasts. Today is no different - what does he do that he has this much time to cruise the internet? I dunno, but I am happy he can, because this is one of the things he pointed out for us today. Although designed for a Weird War II setting, the Azog Treadbike, from Mad Robot Miniatures, could be made Victorian Science Fiction very easily, methinks.

   Perhaps replace the machinegun with a spar torpedo? Or mount the boiler up front in its place? Combine with a lance-carrying arm from either Victoria Miniatures or Curious Constructs, swap the head... oh yeah, I am liking this.

   Which nation does it best suit, though? That begs for something I haven't done in ages around here... a POLL! (Cue the ticker tape and cheering crowds of adoring fans.) So, look to the left. No, your other left. That's it. Vote in the poll. Make your voice heard!

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Robert Hingley said...

It's times like this when I really wish Blogger had a "Like" Button. This looks great!!