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29 May 2013

Swarms of Venusian Lizardmen!

   I found these the other day, and forgot to mention them. I think they are absolutely worth mentioning for anyone considering 6mm VSF, especially if you plan to head to Venus or the depths of the Amazonian or African rainforests. They are produced by Microworld, and like all 6mm figures, are pretty inexpensive for the number of minis you are receiving.
Ankylosaur Ballista. 3/$5.50

Armored Brachiosaur. $12.00

Ceratopsid Guard. 2 poses, 20 ea. 40/$10

Command Group. 6 ea., except mounted leader (2) (26 total)/$5

Archer. 60/$10

Spearmen. 60/$10

Triceratops Battlewagon. 2/$6.50
Optional Shaman Topper for Triceratops (included)

Lizard Ogres. 2 poses, 8 ea. 16/$9
Look like Anthropoid Ankylosaur

Closeup of Officer from Command pack

Pachycephalosaurus Cavalry. 2 poses, 10 ea. 20/$10
Lizardmen Warriors. 2 poses, 30 ea. 60/$10
   After I get back from Historicon, I can foresee a solid $100 purchase here. For that, I imagine I will have an entire army. Not shabby.


Edwin King said...

Very nice!

If only they were four times the size...

J Womack, Esq. said...

But then they wouldn't be useful for what I need them to do. Mainly, act as foes to the 6mm Germans on Venus!