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21 May 2013

Some new(-ish) Selections (Hiding in my Drafts)

   I spent a few mintues perusing the Reaper and Wyrd Miniatures online shops, and found the following items which I thought might be of interest. Many of them are suitable for multiple scales as automatons.

Reaper: Dr. Darius Hellstromme, 59003

Reaper: Mad Scientist, 59014

Reaper: Mad Scientist (Female), 59009

Reaper: Xiufang, 50260

Wyrd: WYR1017

 Part of the Guild Faction.
Wyrd: WYR1028
Guild Faction
Interesting as an Automaton bodyguard, perhaps - the large shield used to protect the patron more than the construct.




Arcanist Faction

Arcanist Faction: Soul Miner

   I see this being used for a 6mm large tunneler vehicle.

Arcanist Faction: Large Steampunk Arachnid

      Not my favorite steam spider. But big.

Arcanist Faction

   This fellow could be a major hero for an automaton force. I like others better, but it is certainly a striking mini that would be a centerpiece figure.

Arcanist Faction

An alternate to the original steam arachnid swarm. Personally, I think these are too sleek, more sci-fi than steampunk. But still a nice figure.

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