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07 May 2013

Colonel Gravis Artillery

   I backed Colonel Gravis's artillery piece Kickstarter, which ended yesterday. While originally designed for a Grim Future of War in the Fortieth Millennia, Gravis has a distinct Victorian feel to his products, because he loves Praetorians. At any rate, here are a few pictures of the pieces i will be receiving. These are from the Kickstarter updates, so they may not be exactly what ends up arriving in June, but they should be pretty close. I will be receiving three carriages and three of each barrel except the Nebelwerfer. I ordered only one of those. Also, I will be getting six crewmen. With shipping, it ran me about $81 for all - not a bad deal at all.

Double Barrel Autocannon

Gatling Cannon. I love the drum feed.

Tesla Cannon
Probably my favorite.

The Nebelwerfer

The Rocket Tube. Comes with spare rockets!

Anti-tank Lascannon
The Original Design.

   Colonel - I know I pulled these from the Kickstarter website without your explicit permission. However, since I believe you intend to offer these for sale to the general public as well, please consider this more a form of fanboy gushing and advertising and less an attempt to hijack your IP. Which it isn't. Oh, and for the record, the sculptor of these magnificent pieces is Kit Burrows.


BaronVonJ said...

Almost jumped on this, but I need artillerymen, more than I need guns.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I'm getting some artillerists, too. I plan to use magnet to swap barrels as needed.