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07 April 2013

Varduvian Beastmen on the Horizon

   If you have been following the storylines I developed here, you will know that I have two mad scientists in my VSF universe. The first, Herr Doktor Professor Otto Maton, is a Mechanickal genius and a would-be Emperor of the Solarian System. He uses automatons to do the majority of his dastardly bidding, though there are some human minions working for him as well. Maton is hiding and plotting somewhere on Mars.

   The other evil genius is Professor Vardu. Vardu lives on Venus, where he is an established member of the German Venusstaadt colony's scientific team. His specialties are biology and medicine. He has discovered that all life is started by what he calls 'threads' of proteins, woven in such a manner that each individual combination creates each unique individual creature. Certain groups of combinations create humans; others create plants, others animals, and so on. Vardu has become fascinated with experimenting in ways to combine the weaves of different creatures to create new beings. In modern terms, he is manipulating DNA sequences to create chimeras. His first success came with various plants. He has since moved on to animal/human chimeras.

   His first speicmens were created from drunken aethermen and goats. The results are powerful and horrifying. And I finally have a source (almost) for purchasing these figures. Victoria Miniatures is  working on a set of beastmen that I will be buying at least ten of, and probably twenty. Perhaps even thirty. I like them very much. Here are the preview (green) photos:

Captain Torgo, part of the swag for Adeptiocn 2013
I sincerely hope she will sell some afterwards - I need one.

WIP Shot. I will need several of these.

   It looks like the line will be produced similarly to the rest of the Victoria Miniatures, where you order it by pieces and assemble as you like. Works for me!

[Editor's Note: These images are not mine. I will, of course, remove them if Ms. Victoria asks, since the products are hers. However, they are just too nice not to share in the meantime.]


Eli Arndt said...

Are these being done as "Chaos" Beastmen or to replace the long lost Beast Troopers found in the service of a certain emperor?

J Womack, Esq. said...

These would belong in a grim future, some 38 thousand years in our future. Note the dual potato masher grenades in the one fellow's hand, and the big flamethrower in the Cap'n's paws.