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24 April 2013

New (to me) from Ironclad Miniatures

   As those of you who have been following for a while know, I occasionally just go strolling through the catalogs of some of the fine folks who make toys designed for Victorian Science Fiction gaming. I just pop in, see if there's anything new about the place, you know the sort of thing that I mean, right?

   So today, after returning to the lair following a grueling day administering tests to the children, I hopped on the interconnected differencing engine system and visited Ironclad Miniatures. And, lo and behold - something new! Actually, a couple of things that I do not recall having seen on their site previously. I thought they looked awfully interesting, and so I thought I would share them with you. Enough blathering, here they are.

The Mole Emerges!

   Listed under the innocent title of Steam 16, this is the emergent version of the tunneling machine. I think it is quite the thing, and Professor Otto Maton may simply have to obtain one.

A Martian kite!

   A native Martian flying craft, fitted out with sails and stabilizing rudders aft. I will have to get one of these soon. I would like to add a set of sails to the lower hull as well, in order to more efficiently catch the hot, dusty winds of Mars.

Armed Staff!?!?!?

Just the thing for when Johnny Mrtian the Rioter comes calling, at any other time this is  a downright unsettling sight! 

Butler: "Mrs. Skinner, could you send down the potted meat, please, and how is that pie crust coming?"
Cook: "Be a bit late today, Mr. Burnes. Seems the locals had a bit of dustup over the placement of our dustbins. Had to sort them out, you see. Thomas and Amelia helped, of course."

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Michael Awdry said...

Splendid, I might have to have one of those myself!