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01 March 2013

Colonel Moran

   Newly released image of the unlocked Colonel Moran. I have no idea who he is, whether he is historical or fictional, but I do know that I want one of these figures, because he has "cashiered Army officer turned mercenary sniper" written all over him. And that would be all sorts of fun.


Edwin King said...

Col Moran was Moriarty's 2 i/c and a card cheat - his speciality was a pneumatic (air) rifle, and he tried to killed Sherlock Holmes after Holmes reappeared (Homes put a bust in his window, and Moran shot it).


J Womack, Esq. said...

A card cheat! Egads, what a cad! No wonder he was cashiered. And quite right, too!

Edwin King said...

There's quite a lot of nice, adaptable info on Moran at .

I like 'Tiger Jack', even if it isn't (Holmes) canonical.

Liking the look of the Requiem figures...