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23 February 2013

New Species of Martians Discovered

   That's right, a new sort of Martian Johnny is running about the Red Planet. An ancient race, they were recently discovered, and now we bring the news to you, our dear readers.

Note the cloven hoof...

   Only time will tell if these Martians be friend or foe to Her Majesty's Crown Colony of Mars. More information about them can be found here.

[Editor's Note: This is a range of Martians that I just found. They are produced by Red Planet Miniatures, which seems to be a small operation out of the UK. The basic infantry pack is 8GBP for four multi-pose minis. I like them - they are different! If only I hadn't invested so much into my Parroom and Space 1889 Martians. I may pick some up anyway, because they are quite cool.]


Eli Arndt said...

28 or 15mm?

J Womack, Esq. said...

28, I think. And tall for it, but on purpose.