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04 February 2013

In Her Majesty's Name!

   The title of Osprey Publishing's Steampunk rules set is In Her Majesty's Name. I discovered last night that there is a line of miniatures that are being produced by North Star Miniatures in the UK to go along with the game. The plan appears to be four starter faction sets, due to be released in April. North Star is taking pre-orders here, and is offering some sort of freebie for pre-ordering. I haven't got the details about that, yet.

   On to the eye-candy. All photos are from North Star's website. If you own these images and would like me to remove them, please contact me and I will do so as soon as possible. However, I figure this is just free advertising.

  This group is my favorite. I am sure that comes as a shock to you, if you are totally unaware of my Anglo-philia. I particularly like the Irish mad scientist and the Sikh gunner. I think I can wait until Historicon to buy these. Is anyone carrying them in Historicon? Anyone?

 And this group is my least favorite of the bunch. Although the Yeti, the Dragon Lady and the Dragon Warrior are all interesting, I don't think I would find a lot of use for them in my current games. Your mileage may vary, of course.

  Zombies! Power-fisted Prussian junkers! Zombies! A mad scientist in a lab coat! Oh, I like these very much. My second favorite of the sets. Did I mention it has jager zombies? A must-have.

  I think this group is more suited to an Empire of the Dead sort of game or even a more 1930s Pulp than it is to 'proper' Victorian Science Fiction. However, I loves me some good cultist minions, and fezzes are cool. If only he wore a bow-tie. I do like the fancy kopesh old Akhneton is sporting. If you like the Golden Dawn or secret societies of that nature, this will fit the bill I think. These will probably eventually find their way into the Lead Mountain.


PMMDJ said...

I read in another thread (on TMP, maybe?) that Brigade will be bringing these to Historicon. Fingers crossed!

J Womack, Esq. said...

I would bet that Brigade will have them there. I am pre-ordering as part of the Nickstarter. I think I will get Lord Curr's Company, the Society of Thule, and the Servants of Ra, along with the rules.

I am getting some bobbies and inspectors through the Empire of the Dead Kickstarter, so I will also have figures for a Scotland Yard faction.