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19 February 2013

A New Direction for The Research Platoon

   After years of working on Games Workshop Imperial Guard Praetorians, I have made a fateful decision: I prefer another figure. That figure is the Victoria Miniatures Victorian Guard, from Australia. The minis come in pieces, legs, torso, head and arms all separate. Among other things, this means you can have kilted legs that fit with the Victorian torsos, to add some Scots into the mix. Remember, the Research Platoon is actually made up of volunteers from multiple regiments.
The Rough Rider Conversions.
Something I have always wanted to add.

These rifles look less 40K, more VSF.

Proper webbing, and no epaulettes on Other Ranks.
All told, I figure I am going to drop about $230 on this change over, for a unit of ten cavalry, nine riflemen, two officers, a piper, eight heavy/special weapons troops, and a dozen native contingent lackeys. That does not include any changes to artillery pieces, which I do foresee, because I am also looking at purchasing some gun carriages from Curious Constructs of the UK for my artillery pieces.

   As for cavalry mounts, I have two options, both from Mage Knight. One is the steam horse and the other is a mechanical dragonfly. Maybe save the steam horses for draft animals?
Photoshopped picture, and ignore the rider.

Ignore the rider. And the base.


Eli Arndt said...

I think I have some of those horses for you.

Eli Arndt said...

I'll email you.

Elderac said...

What sort of shipping time is there from Australia?

Col. Ackland said...

I love my Curious Constructs and Victoria Miniatures models! You won't be disappointed with them.
Happy modelling!

Col. Ackland said...
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J Womack, Esq. said...

@Eli: thanks. I only have one. I have spare dragonflies,though.

@Elderac: I have no idea, but wouldn't think more than a couple of weeks, certainly. Unless it goes surface mail...