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09 June 2012

French Automata?

   I was perusing the telephonic differencing engine web this fine Saturday morning, simply gadding about, you know, when I came across a few mechanickal designs that interested me. I believe the attached photostats will give you an excellent idea of what is made. They come from a "Cygnar," which certainly sounds French to me. That, and their somewhat medieval-gothic design also reminds me of the sort of thing the French would admire, a throwback to the days of chivalry and all that.

Cygnar "Lancer"

   The medieval nature of this automata (or is it, perhaps, piloted?) is evident in not only the design of the 'head', but also the weaponry chosen. The long (probably galvanically charged) spear would be quite dangerous if it were to get close enough to one of Her Majesty's landships or armoured walkers, and the heavy defensive shield would provide some protection to allow it to get close.

Cygnar "Minuteman"

   This lighter "Minuteman" machine is obviously quite speedy. Armed with a pair of light cannon and six (!) mortars mounted in the shoulders, I can imagine it would be effective assaulting an infantry position. The downward pointing vents also hint at some sort of limited flight capacity, or perhaps are a braking mechanism for an assault by airship?

Cygnar "Cyclone"

   The last machine which I shall discuss today is the "Cyclone," so-named for the storm of bullets it appears capable of delivering. Twin rotary guns mounted under each arm would enable a veritable hailstorm of lead to pour forth from this fiendish device. Imagine the slaughter if our noble cavalry were to be found in the open before this monstrosity! Happily, it is a slow beast, and not as well protected as the Lancer. Still, it is sure to dominate any battlefield area in which it is given an open field of fire. I would suggest targeting the Cyclone with artillery until it is eliminated.

[Editor's Note: All three of these are available from Privateer Press for their Warmachine game. I cropped the photos from their website. No challenge is intended. I just like showing off neat minis and thinking of ways to use them in VSF games. I need to pick these up when I get started on the French. Maybe before then, so they don't go out of production before I am ready to go. Could be used as piloted for 15mm, surely, but not sure about it for 25/28mm - probably have to be automata in that scale.]

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